Is climate change for real?
How much crude oil do we eat?

Is energy renewable?

If there’ll be no radical change, the energy resources needed for further growth, or even maintaining the present level, will run dry. Nowadays more emphasis is placed on renewable energy sources, for replacing coal, oil and natural gas, and reducing damages to the environment. But are these resources capable of taking over the role of oil, natural gas or even coal? And how much time do we have left to avoid the worldwide collapse caused by an energy crisis?


Regarding renewable energy, we have a few dilemmas though. For example to be able to use the solar power present in the great deserts, it would require some gigantic investments, one that would become profitable only after a long period of time. The number of wind farms is growing rapidly, but it’s still irrelevant, counting for only 0,3 percent of the world’s total energy production. Water power plants are being used for a long time now, but their small rate of growth shows that this resource is slowly but surely starting to stall.